Selected Publications


“Penn Ave. on a Thursday & I Think of Your Hands.” (poem) The Florida Review: forthcoming.

I Try Dating Again,” “Things I don’t say in the apology email I write my ex twelve years after breaking up with her,” and “FaceTime fragments with said ex after she replies to my email.” (poems) (April 20, 2023): online.


On Polyamory.” (poem) (September 23, 2022): online.

Girlhood’s Collective Trauma: On Rochelle Hurt’s ‘The J Girls: A Reality Show.'” (review) (August 5, 2022): online.

95th & Broadway.” (poem) (June 2, 2022): online.

I wrestle with you.” (poem) (January 28, 2022): online.


Lisa Summe Reviews I/O by Madeleine Wattenberg.” (review) (October, 2021): online.

I need to look away.” (poem) (June 15, 2021): online.

My grandfather dies of covid hours after I put my cat down.” (poem) (May 19, 2021): online.

“dykedom / kingdom.” (poem) Bat City Review (issue 17): 142.

Gay Sonnet Crown, Spring 2020.” (poem) (March 31, 2021): online.

At my grandma’s funeral, I think only of my grandfather. ” (poem) [reprinted] (February 9, 2021): online.

Once Love is Gone, It’s Gone Everywhere.” (poem) (February, 3, 2021): online.


“Regret in X Parts.” (poem) South Carolina Review (Fall 2020): 77-79.

“When I spend the night, first time.” (poem) South Carolina Review (Fall 2020): 80-81.

“At my grandma’s funeral, I think only of my grandfather. ” (poem) South Carolina Review (Fall 2020)82-83.

Some Questions for You, America.” (poem) (November 2020): online.

Lonely Pantoum.” (poem) (August 11, 2020): online.

“The Surprise Comes Never.” (poem) The Cincinnati Review (Spring 2020): 19-20.

Summer is over.” (poem) (May 14, 2020): online.

What I like best about this photo of myself.” (poem) (May 14, 2020): online. **Best of the Net nomination**


Friday Night Selfie.” (poem) bedfellows (Summer 2019): 13.

I Use My Hands.” (poem) (June 22, 2019): online.


No I Cannot Have Anything.” (poem) (December 11, 2018): online.

Review of Lynn Melnick’s Landscape with Sex and Violence.” (review) (October 26, 2017): online.

Selfie in the Boys’ Department.” (poem) (July 5, 2017): online.

Review of Marisa Crawford’s Reversible.” (review) (May 25, 2017): online.

Lana Del Rey Concert, Nobelsville, Indiana.” (poem) (December 21. 2016)online.

Elegy [We buried your dad on a Friday…].” (poem) (December 21. 2016)online.

I look for you.” (poem) Tampa Review (Fall 2016): 70.

Coming Out [When I walk into church…].” (poem) (June 29, 2016)online.

Sara Tell Me Everything.” (poem) (June 21, 2015): online.